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Internally lit rope work

Wowza! How cool is this?!? Such a simple idea – and yet so great looking. We’re going to try incorporating some of this into our piece and see how it goes…  

Act fast! Pendants won’t last… Hey everybody! Our Indiegogo campaign for Suspension of Disbelief is live and starting to get some attention (thanks to those who are sharing this). I wanted let you know that our favorite perk is in limited supply and sure to go fast. So – if you’d like to have one of these lovely, hand […]

Videos of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s installations

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is the main inspiration for Suspension of Disbelief. Here are a couple videos of her work in action:

Ernesto Neto’s Crocheted ‘Cuddle On The Tightrope’

Here’s another great example of a crocheted structure. This one includes the structure that holds it up.

Comfort Zones

..Comfort zone exhibition is all about looking back at the home maker of my mothers and my grandmother’s generation through my nostalgia and in a process of memorizing and remembering. I am trying to reconstruct my memory of their presence, how they related to things, how they organized home, their anxieties and the comfort they […]

Uncommon Wedding Chapel

Check out this structure made of crocheted ventilation tubes:

An adult sized playground – crocheted with love from rope – creating a place to suspend disbelief, play and open yourself up to the possibilities.