Happy hookers (or crazy crocheters)

Our weekly “Plotting, Planning & Knot tying” sessions have been a big hit.  Here are some fun photos of our happy hookers 😉


1535409_10152164245733656_1087796086_n 1559271_10152561568332576_192555514_o 1500781_10152561567967576_1400320408_o 922583_10152561568597576_1483496470_o 1485885_10152561568382576_1808472739_o (1) 1599500_10152561568097576_858143159_o 1039974_10152561568152576_778892324_o 1606466_10152561568542576_976866309_o 1512082_694883487209268_797392031_o

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An adult sized playground – crocheted with love from rope – creating a place to suspend disbelief, play and open yourself up to the possibilities.