WOD at SOAK 2014

We were lucky enough to land a small grant from the Portland, Oregon, local burning man event called SOAK this year. This allowed us to pack her up and take her down to the woods outside of Corvallis, Oregon, near Tidewater. It was quite the adventure and a GREAT test run for how transporting and set up at burning man will go.


We packed the scaffolding that we own onto one of our stitcher’s vintage bus and then hauled more scaffolding that we rented with a flatbed trailer. Unfortunately the bus broke down outside of Salem, so we had to do a little bit of scrambling. It wouldn’t be an adventure without some challenges – right?



In the end we redesigned the layout to use less scaffolding (since some was on the bus) and got to share the biggest installation of Web of Dreams so far with the 1000 or so participants.

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It was a FANTASTIC experience!

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