WOD at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2014

We were invited to show what we’re doing at the 3rd annual Seattle Mini Maker Faire.

1375176_10203198019768857_89184868_n (1)

It was a lot of work – but gave us a chance to practice how we stitch the pieces to the scaffolding, and a better feel for how much the rope stretches, etc. All in all it we had a great time.


Seeing people’s faces light up when they saw our beautiful rope work and then squeal with delight when they climbed into the pods was a wonderful experience.



We really enjoyed showing people that they could do this themselves too – and so many walked away with new ideas.





You can see more at our facebook group here

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An adult sized playground – crocheted with love from rope – creating a place to suspend disbelief, play and open yourself up to the possibilities.